Christian Kryptonite

  I made an unsettling discovery a while back. One of my shop hammers turned up bent. Not sure how that happened, but now it doesn’t work quite right. In fact, I no longer use it at all. Oh, I have other hammers. I’m just surprised because I didn’t know that hammers could do that.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 10.50.48 AM

In reality, bending to the point of snapping may simply mean you quietly lose your steam, your passion in life. It means you give up, give in and give yourself over to something just as deadly as overt sin or that experience which “kills” you. You succumb to the awful curse of mediocrity, a fatal disease which relegates you to an almost drone-like existence. It doesn’t take you out like a sniper’s bullet, or snuff out your existence in a millisecond like a roadside bomb. Instead, it eats away at you like a cancer, a little bit every day.

And time becomes your enemy.

As fallible humans, we forget how fragile life is, and how weak we really are. We see a true picture of ourselves when we’re under the stress, weight and burden that life consistently heaves on top of us. Finances. Anxiety. Family problems. Fears. Relationship struggles. Job or career frustrations. And we wake up one day and decide we’re tired of carrying the load and fighting the battle. We decide to “check out” emotionally. and the downward spiral begins.

So where will your strength come from? An “iron will”? A positive attitude? Some philosophical Zen mind trick? A doctor’s prescription? Or something better, deeper and more practical and substantive?

We are not as strong as we think we are.

Even hammers can bend.

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