Jesus Was a Genius . . . or Was He?

             Jesus. The brilliant teacher. The ultimate communicator. The best of all time, right? Of course, you’d expect that from someone who believes the Nazarene Carpenter was God in human form. If you’re Deity, being genius would be relatively “easy”, wouldn’t you say? But consider the claim that He was also fully human as well. In His unstained humanity, the Galilean Man’s mind, emotion and body were not affected by sin’s devastating and crippling consequences.


   This advantage served Him well in relationships and in communicating the Father’s message to the world and His (potential) disciples. The result? He taught with authority and clarity like no other teacher or Rabbi before or since. Instead of catering to the religious crowd, accustomed to a steady verbal diet of religious jargon, Jesus instead chose a more “earthy” approach. Instead of language fit for a king, He dealt more in familiar, common prose. Think of it – God among us – talking about birds, seed, trees, flowers, short stories, relationships – verbal vignettes pack with theological meaning, hidden under a thin topsoil of street language.

Later, one of His most ardent followers, a guy named Paul, used the same technique when attempting to explain God and His ways to a largely pagan culture, quoting Greek Poets and using non-biblical terms to describe the Almighty to people not skilled in the art of speaking “Christian-ese”. What a loser. I mean, who taught this guy how to preach and reach people, anyway?

Though light-years from “genius” status, my life’s mission is communicating vintage truth in a language that people understand. My books creatively tackle theological doctrines like total depravity, a subject often overlooked in the Christian feel-good-about-yourself subculture so prevalent in America’s churches. “Entertain me!” “Make me feel good.” “Give me something to consume.” Make me happy! And yet doctrines like this remain essential theological and practical truths, impacting our daily existence and spiritual progress.

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   Truth, whether wrapped in parable or culturally-relevant metaphor, always seem to resonate deep within, down where real life happens. And modern-day disciples of Jesus learn how to biblically and successfully overcome things like the flesh-monster living inside.

Were He to walk the earth today, Jesus would likely speak in terms familiar to our culture. Of course, modern-day Pharisees might take issue with that, labeling Him a “shallow Teacher”.

Yea, either that or a bonafide Genius.

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