Men & Parenting

Jeff can work with the weekend’s chosen theme and develop messages for it, or he will work closely with the event planner to find the best topic for the group, using one of his books or previous retreat themes.




After working with fathers and sons for 30 years, and raising 3 of his own boys to adulthood, Jeff Kinley imparts seasoned wisdom for dads who have sons. Jeff helps you build a biblical foundation for establishing a “strong-as-steel”, lifelong relationship with your boy. No formulas or recipes. Just proven, practical life-skills from Scripture for you to help your son develop into the man he’s meant to be!

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Authentic manhoodAuthentic Manhood Series

How does God define manhood? Where do we see it in the Bible? How can we, as men, tap into godly masculinity? What are the keys to becoming the men and leaders God designed us to be? What are the obstacles? The challenges? What does it mean to “risk” for God in a post-modern culture? How is this risk tied to manhood and faith? It’s all here in this series.



Zombie KillersZombie Killers

One of the greatest struggles men face is the battle with sin within. Scripture says we have an enemy so cunning and evil that God describes it as “deceitfully wicked above all things” (Jer. 17:9). But what exactly is this thing inside us? How does it work? And most importantly, how do we overcome it? Drawing from his popular book – The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook – Jeff shows men how to live free from slavery to sin and the sin nature, equipping you on how to overcome life’s most powerful temptations. Here is how to experience a consistent WIN in your walk with Christ!

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Army WarfareArmy Men

Men, we are at war. Our enemy is formidable and battle-hardened. Therefore we must be just as determined to fight and experience victory for our great King! This series of messages helps men understand the intense conflict they’re involved in as Christians and leaders. Here, Jeff takes them to spiritual “Boot Camp”, training them in the essential skills needed to defeat our archenemy, Satan. We discuss Satanic strategies, our areas of vulnerability, the nature of demonic organization and military hierarchy, and most importantly, what it takes to survive, defeat Satan and live to tell about it!




  • How to Be the Parent of an Awesome Child/Teenager
  • How to Communicate with Your Child/Teenager
  • How to Pass Your Faith on to Your Child/Teenager
  • Help! I’m the Parent of a Child/Teenager

If you are picking a camp or retreat speaker and Jesus is booked, your next best pick would be Jeff Kinley.” ~ Paul Brand, Youth Pastor, San Antonio, TX

I consider Jeff one of my dear friends. He has an amazing ability to communicate on paper or in person.” ~ Bart Millard, MercyMe

Jeff Kinley is one of the best communicators I have ever heard. His God-given ability to capture and hold an audience of teenagers while effectively communicating sound biblical truth is nothing less than amazing!” – Joel Owens, Family Pastor, Sugarland, TX