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What to expect when booking Jeff Kinley for your event:

  • A commitment to integrity in giving you the very best return for your investment. Jeff wants you to be glad you invited him to speak at your event.
  • Biblically-relevant messages specifically tailored to your purpose statement and objectives.
  • If desired, a pre-planning phone conversation with Jeff discussing the specifics of the event.
  • Jeff’s time and energy meeting and engaging those who attend – including Question and Answer sessions if needed. 
  • Discounts on books purchased for the event.
  • References/contact information of others who’ve booked Jeff for similar events/retreats/conferences.
  • Jeff would love to meet with your leadership and/or worship team for prayer prior to speaking.
  • Jeff can work with an already-chosen theme or, as he most often does, speak on a theme related to one of his books.

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“Jeff Kinley is a discerner of the times.” – Dr. Mark Hitchcock – Pastor, Prophecy Expert and Best Selling Author

“Jeff Kinley is fastinating author and speaker.  He has a unique talent to make plain the difficult in regards to Biblical prophecy.  His balanced approached to a subject that is often over sensationized is what is needed today.  Whether you read his books or hear him speak, he is someone who will help you get a clear overall grasp of what we can expect in the “last days.”  I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for solid teaching on this subject.” – David Larson, Director, CruCity, Sioux Falls

“If you are picking a camp or retreat speaker and Jesus is booked, your next best pick would be Jeff Kinley.” ~ Paul Brand, Pastor, San Antonio, TX

“I consider Jeff one of my dear friends. He has an amazing ability to communicate on paper or in person.” ~ Bart Millard, MercyMe

“Jeff Kinley is one of the best communicators I have ever heard. His God-given ability to capture and hold an audience of teenagers while effectively communicating sound biblical truth is nothing less than amazing!” – Joel Owens, Family Pastor, Sugarland, TX

“From the moment I first talked to Jeff I knew he would be a home run with my students. He was more than a just a ‘youth communicator.’ He was an active participant in the planning and in the carrying out of our retreat. He engaged the students from the platform, but also interacted with them throughout the weekend. What more could you ask for?” ~ Jay Risner, Youth Pastor, Edmond, OK

“Jeff relies on the Holy Spirit, using the Word of God to bring about changed lives. He doesn’t manipulate students, but instead shows them how to apply Scripture to their lives, and they love his teaching! He is funny, practical, deep and real, communicating from the overflow of his heart.” – Kyle Wall, Pastor, Virginia Beach, VA

“Jeff is an absolute pro. He knows students. He knows the Scriptures, and he brings those two things come together in a dynamic way. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Darren Hull, Youth Pastor, Raleigh, NC

“Jeff Kinley connected to our multi-ethnic group of students (many of whom are rough and unchurched) in a huge way! Many students came to a clear understanding of the gospel for the first time! Jeff also does a masterful job of making theology relevant to people of all ages! Weeks later students continue to talk about how his messages impacted them.” ~ Chuck Eastman – Youth Pastor, Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas

“I highly recommend Jeff Kinley as speaker as I have used him three times in the past and he has always been excellent to work with prior to and during the ministry event. He is very effective reaching this generation of young people and keeping their attention, enabling him to share a life changing message. In September 2011 he led a “Zombie Killers Weekend” for over fifteen different churches–using the theme of his new book—having a powerful impact on our students. The students were able to relate to the content while Jeff presented five powerful messages. I plan to use Jeff in the future with our students and our entire church family.” ~ Jack McCarty, Pastor, Huntsville, AT

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Speaking Themes and Messages

Wake the Bride!

Wake the Bride Small

   Many Christians struggle to make sense of prophecy, especially the Book of Revelation. But Jeff Kinley explains it in such a way that people just “get it.” Jeff’s messages not only inform, but also transform the hearer’s understanding regarding Revelation and the soon return of Jesus Christ for us. Always faithful to Scripture, he unpacks for you the original intent of the Book of Revelation.

Whether you need a single talk for a church service or event or a series of message for a weekend or retreat, Jeff’s exposition of Scripture will arouse sleeping Christians, motivating them towards personal revival, purity and preparation for Christ’s return!

This topic is for every believer who longs for to experience a more fervent faith, a more passionate love for Jesus and an eager expectation of His return!

What does a “Wake the Bride” Event do for your church/group?

  • Helps them walk through end times prophecy and the book of Revelation
  • Equips them in understanding the times as well as difficult prophetic passages in Scripture
  • Encourages them with comfort and peace in these uncertain times
  • Restores a fresh excitement and fiery passion for their relationship with Christ
  • Instills within them a sense of urgency in these last days
  • Motivates them towards a new kind of life, one that is filled with purpose, destiny and HOPE!
  • Prepares them with purity and expectancy for Jesus’ return!
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The Days of Noah

The story of Noah is one of the most captivating in all of Scripture. Yet most people remember it mainly as a children’s story found in picture books and heard in Sunday school classes.

However, this tragedy actually happened—and widely overlooked is Jesus’ stunning prophecy that the final days of planet Earth would be just as it was in the days of Noah. But what are these striking parallels between Noah’s day and the end times leading up to God’s imminent judgment upon the world? Is Jesus’ prophecy now being fulfilled? And if yes, how then should we respond? Go beyond Hollywood and discover the real Noah!

As It Was in the Days of Noah explores the similarities between the Noah’s generation and the last days, with specific application to how our generation compares to the two. In this powerful and timely series, Jeff:

  • examines the signs indicating we’re nearing the last days,
  • empower you to “understand the times” with biblical wisdom,
  • encourages you in the urgency of reaching others with God’s compassion and truth,
  • equips you with the life skills necessary to “redeem the time”,
  • inspires you with the faith of Noah,
  • shows you how to stand strong in your faith in a culture of growing opposition and hostility towards God,
  • inspires you on how to make your life really count – both now an for eternity!

As humanity ramps up to Revelation and the return of Jesus Christ, many Bible prophecies will come into focus. This series on Noah and the prophetic signs of the end times will inform, equip and prepare the Bride to meet her Groom!


After working with fathers and sons for 30 years, and raising 3 of his own boys to adulthood, Jeff Kinley imparts seasoned wisdom for dads who have sons. Jeff helps you build a biblical foundation for establishing a “strong-as-steel”, lifelong relationship with your boy. No formulas or recipes. Just proven, practical life-skills from Scripture for you to help your son develop into the man he’s meant to be!

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Authentic manhoodAuthentic Manhood Series

How does God define manhood? Where do we see it in the Bible? How can we, as men, tap into godly masculinity? What are the keys to becoming the men and leaders God designed us to be? What are the obstacles? The challenges? What does it mean to “risk” for God in a post-modern culture? How is this risk tied to manhood and faith? It’s all here in this series.

Army WarfareArmy Men

Men, we are at war. Our enemy is formidable and battle-hardened. Therefore we must be just as determined to fight and experience victory for our great King! This series of messages helps men understand the intense conflict they’re involved in as Christians and leaders. Here, Jeff takes them to spiritual “Boot Camp”, training them in the essential skills needed to defeat our archenemy, Satan. We discuss Satanic strategies, our areas of vulnerability, the nature of demonic organization and military hierarchy, and most importantly, what it takes to survive, defeat Satan and live to tell about it!


Zombie KillersStudies show todays Christian teenagers are growing increasingly more skeptical of faith and the church. They’re bending their morality to fit their desires and a huge reason for this is that they’ve sincerely tried to “live for Christ” and found it too difficult. Some experience a degree of success but are not able to maintain a consistent walk or win over sin, temptation and the sin nature within them.

Is it any wonder then that a majority of Christian teenagers fade away from Christ while in college?

What if you could empower your students to understand the negative forces at work within them? What if you could equip them to overcome sin, biblically and consistently?

Would you be interested? OVER 100 CHURCHES HAVE PARTICIPATED IN ZOMBIE KILLER WEEKENDS! Dnow’s, retreats, etc. Hundreds of students have been saved with thousands impacted by God’s truth.

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Based on his book, The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook, Jeff delivers a fresh, relevant look at the doctrines of sin, grace, and salvation.

Zombie KillersZombie Killers

One of the greatest struggles men face is the battle with sin within. Scripture says we have an enemy so cunning and evil that God describes it as “deceitfully wicked above all things” (Jer. 17:9). But what exactly is this thing inside us? How does it work? And most importantly, how do we overcome it? Drawing from his popular book – The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook – Jeff shows men how to live free from slavery to sin and the sin nature, equipping you on how to overcome life’s most powerful temptations. Here is how to experience a consistent WIN in your walk with Christ!

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What critical questions does Jeff cover in a weekend like this?

  • What is the ‘sin nature’ and why is it such a big deal?
  • What does God really say about this inward battle?
  • Why do I keep struggling with the same sins?
  • How can I consistently beat temptation?
  • How do I go beyond surviving to actually thriving in my walk with God?
  • What role do friendships play in my struggle and victory?
  • How do I overcome the downward pull of my sin nature?
  • How can I genuinely trust Christ as my Savior?

In short, how to overcome sin and walk with God in victory.

How does a weekend like this benefit your Student Ministry?

  • Culturally relevant and creative theme
  • Equips your committed students
  • Gives hope to your struggling students
  • Evangelizes seekers and the lost
  • Helps build a theological foundation into your ministry
  • Could dramatically boost attendance

These messages (and the book) are primarily for the 16-30 crowd, however, can be applied to any age group.


Zombie KillersBen Forman was just an ordinary guy, a young professional starting his first job and falling in love with his girlfriend. Living on the outskirts of a southern city, he didn’t think the zombie activity so common in metropolitan areas would hit so close to home. But it was becoming clear that the mysterious infection reanimating the dead would soon be a worldwide epidemic.

Cutting-edge and culturally relevant, The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook is a unique combination of fiction and nonfiction. It delivers a fresh approach to sin, grace, and salvation, exposing the raging beast within us all, and how to overcome life as a zombie.

Jeff Kinley has found a way to communicate God’s grace to a new audience. The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook is culturally relevant, deeply perceptive and really inspires us to discover the truth for ourselves. In this volume, you will find a gripping, face-paced zombie survival story as good as any you’ll read in a mainstream horror novel or see in the latest Romero film. But, you’ll also find a parallel commentary providing a startlingly honest insight and unique perspective on our struggle with sin.” ~ Sean T. Page, author of War against the Walking Dead & The Official Zombie Handbook


Losers ClubBased on his successful book, Losers Club, Jeff helps students deal with doubt and failure in their walk with God. Through looking at Scripture’s strugglers, Jeff demonstrates how to overcome the crippling doubt and failure that paralyzes our spiritual progress and stunts our growth.

We usually think of Bible characters as dressed with their Sunday best—lookin’ good, smelling of accomplishment, and holding the posture of unshakeable faith. We marvel at these ‘flawless saints’ while thinking, ‘Wow! I’m not worthy!’ Hey, not so fast. Believe it or not, the most celebrated people in the Bible were plagued by doubt, bad decisions, and less than perfect reputations. In a word, most were losers! And yet, God had plans that would take them beyond their humble, imperfect lives and dub them proud members of the ‘losers’ club.

Losers Club is a real-life look at famous Bible figures such as Moses, Solomon, David, Thomas, Rahab, and others. Each vignette reveals people who struggle with weak faith, confusion, and frustration—people very much like you and me! These stories will help you connect with these flawed heroes, find encouragement in their stories, and get inspired by God’s love and care for ‘losers.’

Check out the book…

PLUS: With 30 years experience as a veteran Pastor to Students and having raised 3 godly sons to adulthood, Jeff also equips parents in the difficult task of raising kids in today’s world:

  • How to Be the Parent of an Awesome Child/Teenager
  • How to Communicate with Your Child/Teenager
  • How to Pass Your Faith on to Your Child/Teenager
  • Help! I’m the Parent of a Child/Teenager