For over 30 years, Jeff Kinley has communicated God’s Vintage Truth to hundreds of thousands across the world. His speaking, writing, and broadcast ministry is currently impacting lives in over 70 countries. Some of Jeff’s most requested topics include:

Discerning the Times
Bible Prophecy
Wake the Bride
Days of Noah
Winning Over Sin (Zombie Killers)

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  • References from others who have booked Jeff for similar events/retreats/conferences.
  • Biblical, professionally-prepared and delivered presentations designed to meet your objectives and the unique needs of your people. 
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“Jeff Kinley is a discerner of the times.” – Dr. Mark Hitchcock – Pastor, Prophecy Expert and Best Selling Author

“Jeff Kinley is fastinating author and speaker.  He has a unique talent to make plain the difficult in regards to Biblical prophecy.  I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for solid teaching on this subject.” – David Larson, Director, CruCity, Sioux Falls

“I consider Jeff one of my dear friends. He has an amazing ability to communicate on paper or in person.” ~ Bart Millard, MercyMe

“Jeff Kinley is one of the best communicators I have ever heard. His God-given ability to capture and hold an audience of teenagers while effectively communicating sound biblical truth is nothing less than amazing!” – Joel Owens, Family Pastor, Sugarland, TX

“Jeff relies on the Holy Spirit, using the Word of God to bring about changed lives. He doesn’t manipulate students, but instead shows them how to apply Scripture to their lives, and they love his teaching! He is funny, practical, deep and real, communicating from the overflow of his heart.” – Kyle Wall, Pastor, Virginia Beach, VA

“Jeff is an absolute pro. He knows students. He knows the Scriptures, and he brings those two things come together in a dynamic way. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Darren Hull, Youth Pastor, Raleigh, NC

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Speaking Themes & Messages

Antichrist: What You Need to Know

   The world is longing for a savior . . . and the Devil is about to give them one. This creative, compelling narrative explores what life will be like during the reign of the coming world leader. Jeff addresses 30 intriguing questions about the man Scripture calls the “ANTICHRIST!”

Secrets of Bible Prophecy

   How can you understand the often confusing maze of Bible Prophecy? How can you develop biblical discernment, recognize false teaching, interpret prophecy for yourself? And how is Bible Prophecy a convincing apologetic for our time?

Wake the Bride!

Wake the Bride Small

   Many Christians struggle to make sense of prophecy, especially the Book of Revelation. But Jeff Kinley explains it in such a way that people just “get it.”He unpacks Revelation, showing how its a guide for personal revival! 

The Days of Noah

   As It Was in the Days of Noah explores the similarities between the Noah’s generation and the last days, with specific application to how our generation compares to the two. These messages inspire you to make your life really count – both now an for eternity! As humanity ramps up to Revelation and the return of Jesus Christ, many Bible prophecies will come into focus. This series on Noah and the prophetic signs of the end times will inform, equip and prepare the Bride to meet her Groom!


Zombie Killers

Ever wonder why a majority of Christian teenagers fade away from Christ while in college? What if you could empower your students to understand the negative forces at work within them? What if you could equip them to overcome sin, biblically and consistently?

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