Signs in the Sky and Trouble on the Ground

People are freaking out about this eclipse and the possibility that it could trigger the end times. Ladies and gentleman, we are ALREADY in the last days. And this eclipse has no discernible Bible Prophecy significance. Meanwhile, our country is being ripped apart by mindless anarchists hell-bent on burning our country to the ground. Don’t be fooled. Theirs is not a righteous agenda. Both the “white supremacists” (itself an oxymoron, since God made us one human race and we are all equal. Of course, if you’re an evolutionist, then there certainly can be superior races), anyway, the KKK and all its minions, along with anarchists masquerading as racial justice warriors are both using (and abusing) their free speech rights to demean and destroy the United States.

The real question you must ask yourself is “What is happening to America?” Why is all this happening , and why now? What does it mean for our future? Does the Bible say anything about our current condition? Does God’s Word mention or allude to America in End Times Prophecy? You may be surprised at what you discover.

And finally, is God’s wrath coming on our country, or are we already under His wrath and sentence of judgment? What do we know for sure. And most importantly, what can we do about it, if anything.

My new book, THE END OF AMERICA?Bible Prophecy and a Country in Crisis, answers all those questions, plus many more. It’s a reality check for American Christians, a raw, no-holes-barred look at some tough truths. But in a time of crisis, someone has to sound the alarm. Yes, there’s hope, but not unless believers wake up and take action!

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“Looking for the blessed hope and the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Christ Jesus,” – Titus 2:13

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Is America in Bible Prophecy?

Those who dare to think, and to dip their toes in the river of prophecy eventually end up scratching their heads and muse, “I wonder where the United States is in the end times? Are we even mentioned in the book of Revelation? Why don’t we hear more about America when prophecy is taught?”

Those are natural questions to ask, given that our country is one of the world’s largest superpowers and (at least in the past) has enjoyed economic prosperity among developed first world nations. But if we are so big and powerful, why wouldn’t John’s apocalyptic vision mention us? There are several possible reasons, some more plausible than others. Here are a few theories that some Bible teachers, authors, and prophecy scholars have proposed

1. America didn’t exist in the first century, therefore not a known world to John, and he would have no reason to mention it.

2. America is no longer a superpower or “player” on the world stage in the last days.

3. Related to #2, given the fact that the United States is currently teetering on the brink of a financial meltdown due to unwise leadership, out of control spending and plunging us deep in debt to China (to the tune of some 14 trillion!), we may indeed implode in an economic meltdown from which there is nor recovery. This would make the Great Depression look like a trip to Disneyworld by comparison. In this scenario, The USA would possibly be on life support from a conglomeration of European nations. “America the great” would be no more.

4. Some have postulated that Russia will launch a nuclear attack on The U.S. as a preemptive strike to get us out of the way before it attacks Israel.

5. There are other theories as well, but perhaps the most biblically plausible is that Jesus Christ will return to snatch away His Bride (genuine disciples) before a seven year season of catastrophic judgments are released on planet Earth. Imagine the chaos and calamity that would follow as tens of millions suddenly disappear from our country. Think of the mortgages that would go unpaid, the collapse of banks, people who are in leadership and public positions are gone, heads of companies and corporations vanish, entire families are missing (or perhaps only certain family members), widespread panic fills the streets of literally every city in the country, birthing an epidemic of looting, violence with perhaps many thousands taking their own lives out of desperation.

America crumbles. Martial Law is enacted and new governmental regulations are passed in an attempt to restore civility. Terror and uncertainty fill the hearts of those who remain. Grocery stores have no food. Suppliers have no way to meet the demand. Phone service is inoperable and internet servers crash due to traffic. Highways are clogged as terror-filled travelers scurry to locate loved ones. Inflation skyrockets prices of food and provisions. It becomes a survival of the fittest. And man’s sin nature is unleashed – violent crime and unrestrained immorality exponentially increase. Religious leaders are left to concoct yet another unbiblical theory why this is happening.

Atheists become extinct as even the most hardhearted fool now needs someone to blame for their ruined lives. They finally concede and admit what creation, conscience and Christians had been telling them all their lives: God exists. And worse, He’s the Christian God.

But amazingly, instead of repenting of their sin, they furiously shake their fists at Him, cursing His name (Revelation 9:20; 16:11).

Could this scenario really happen? And if so what’s preventing all this from occurring?

I believe the true church (those individuals who are indwelt by the Holy Spirit – not necessarily organized churches) is what currently restrains immorality and holds back a global tsunami of evil (2 Thess 2:6-7). Once the Rapture occurs, the Holy Spirit will effectively remove Himself and His restraining influence through believers. 

Literally, all hell will break loose.

So how close are we to all this? Are there any biblical or cultural clues? What hope is there for us right now? Is there any good news? And what should I be doing in the meantime?

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