10 Reasons Why Many Christians Rarely Experience True Worship

    Ever wondered why your faith doesn’t mean more to you than it does? Why so many professing believers’ lives seem no different than anyone else’s? Why a small group of elite Christians appear to really be “on fire” for Jesus? I mean, if God is so great, why aren’t of His own people more passionate about Him?

Good questions.

I know a lot of people who think of themselves as “Christian”. So do you. But other than a few moral standards and the fact that they occasionally attend a church, there’s not a huge contrast between them and their non-christian counterparts. Deep down inside, their hearts are just as empty, their families just as dysfunctional, their lives equally without direction and meaning.

So why are these modern-day disciples so mediocre? Why so bland? So uninteresting?

So B-O-R-I-N-G?

I suspect many factors contribute to this phenomenon, but here’s Ten Reasons you can let marinate in your mind:

1. While most Christians struggle with the challenges of life, many live defeated lives, never achieving the “more than conquerers” victory that Scripture claims is the normal experience of those who have been redeemed.

2. Many professing Christians simply stop growing after an initial burst of interest and enthusiasm. Bibles gather dust and heart-fires start burning point. As a result, the process of sanctification (becoming like Jesus) is often short-circuited, fueled by sin, Satan or self. These people end up as spiritual children living in adult bodies. Churches are FULL of these folks.

3. Many have never taken the time to really understand salvation – studying what actually took place at the cross, contemplating their dark, sinful condition and future outside of Christ, and learning to regularly bath in the infinitely deep ocean of God’s grace and love. Understanding how and why God saved you is the key to contentment and joy in life.

4. Most Christians have little clue about how great their Lord is. I mean, how could they? They rarely, if ever, crack open the only Book God wrote to reveal Himself to them. Ignorance of the mind-blowing truths in Scripture concerning who God is and how amazing His attributes are is a guaranteed one-way ticket to Bland Land. Bank on this: true theology and doctrine is never, ever boring. Rather, it infuses our hearts with awe and wonder, inspiring pure, explosive heart-worship.

5. Face it. We like comfort and often choose the path of least resistance when it comes to our faith. Living for Jesus is hard, and few American believers  have the lungs for the long, uphill race. So we rest comfortably by wayside, occasionally admiring those “Super Christians” who run by on their way to maturity.

6. We refuse to exercise faith in the daily challenges of life, and almost never branch out and trust God for something truly supernatural, especially if it could cost us a bundle. We treat sacrifice and suffering like tax season – with a sense of dread and avoidance. Fear rules many of our life decisions, not faith. Safety and security becomes our style, influencing everything from friends to finances. And that makes Heaven yawn…and grieve. 

7. We love the idea that God is loving and compassionate, but fail to grow past those sentimental attributes. Godly discernment, on the other hand, may lead us to actions that others may interpret as unloving. So we continue enabling people in their immaturity and sin – and do it all in the name of love. But in reality, hidden behind this “love” is simply a weak and impotent heart. Boring.

8. We ignore the direct application of God’s Infinitely-Wise Word where it really matters – on the job, at home, in our marriage and in our parenting. And we wonder why we’re so screwed up. We trust in ourselves because having faith seems to complicated and intangible. We settle for “what works” – expediency, pragmatism and peace. And when we do look for advice and counsel, it’s usually from sone just as messed up as we are. Logical?

9. The average American Christian checks into church 2x a month, way too little for it to ever have any real, life-changing impact on their lives. Like working out 2x a month, there is never any real progress or growth. Truthfully, there’s always a “good reason” to prioritize something else over gathering with your spiritual family – sleep, work, friends, fun, movies, sports on TV, etc.

10. Honestly, we want a God who entertains and serves us. We prefer that He act like we want Him to and at the time of our choosing. And when He fails to deliver or meet our expectations, we lose interest and become bored with His “ways”.

But what if…WHAT IF…you could reverse the above trends in the only life that really matters – YOURS?

Lukewarm Christians don’t mean that God Himself is boring. But it sure does scream that to the world. 

From where I sit, there appears to be 2 options available:

A. Get a new God.

B. Radically re-boot your understanding of Him and as a result, revolutionize your devotion to Jesus.

So what will you do? You can begin transforming your worship HERE.

What Makes You N-n-n-nervous?

 Everybody has their comfort zones. Dentists. Surgeons. Actors. Pilots and Plumbers. Accountants. People who do what they do with expertise and ease. It’s a default mode thing. Some people are born with it. Others get it through education. Most through experience and repetition.

A while back, I was interviewed about my book – The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook – by a news anchor on our local NBC affiliate here in Little Rock. You would have thought I’d be nervous being “on TV”. But no. It was actually exciting and energizing to me. In fact, I was completely unaware of the cameras in front of me.

Please don’t misunderstand, there are plenty of things that make me uncomfortable and nervous – multi-tasking, making cold calls, going to plays and musicals. And for the record, I am a terrible card player. No, make that, “I suck” at card playing. I think it may indicate a learning disability or something. And ask me to explain how the Government the Stock Market works, and you’ll carry me off in a straight jacket.

photoUpon the conclusion of my interview, the news anchor leaned over and whispered, “You’re really good on camera”. I thought, “Oh yeah, I was just on statewide TV. Ha!” Truth is, in the thousands of times I’ve spoken to crowds, I can’t really recall any time I’ve had the proverbial “butterflies in the stomach”. Or maybe I did, but they were just flying in formation. Either way, it just always feels natural to me. And why? I suppose education, preparation and experience have something to do with it. And some gifting. I feel confident and calm when I get to inspire and enhance people’s lives.

What about you? What are you so good at that you could do “in your sleep”? What’s your default mode? Where do you shine? What energizes you and at the same time helps others?

What makes you feel so alive when you do it?