Wake the Bride


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Many Christians struggle to make sense of prophecy, especially the Book of Revelation. Jeff Kinley wrote this innovative guide to Revelation for the same reason John wrote the original – to arouse a sleeping church and motivate her towards personal purity and preparation for Jesus’ return! But beyond simply uncovering the chronology of end times events, Jeff shows how Revelation focuses on the condition of the Bride as she makes herself ready for Jesus’ appearing.

For every believer who longs for to experience a more fervent faith, a more passionate love for Jesus and an eager expectation of His return!

Wake the Bride:

  • Helps you walk through end times prophecy and the book of Revelation
  • Equips you in understanding difficult passages
  • Encourages you with comfort and peace in these uncertain times
  • Restores a fresh excitement and fiery passion for your relationship with Christ
  • Instills a sense of urgency in these last days
  • Motivates you towards a new kind of life, one that is filled with purpose, destiny and HOPE!
  • Prepares you with purity and expectancy for Jesus’ return!


Sleepy time is over.

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