What Makes You N-n-n-nervous?

 Everybody has their comfort zones. Dentists. Surgeons. Actors. Pilots and Plumbers. Accountants. People who do what they do with expertise and ease. It’s a default mode thing. Some people are born with it. Others get it through education. Most through experience and repetition.

A while back, I was interviewed about my book – The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook – by a news anchor on our local NBC affiliate here in Little Rock. You would have thought I’d be nervous being “on TV”. But no. It was actually exciting and energizing to me. In fact, I was completely unaware of the cameras in front of me.

Please don’t misunderstand, there are plenty of things that make me uncomfortable and nervous – multi-tasking, making cold calls, going to plays and musicals. And for the record, I am a terrible card player. No, make that, “I suck” at card playing. I think it may indicate a learning disability or something. And ask me to explain how the Government the Stock Market works, and you’ll carry me off in a straight jacket.

photoUpon the conclusion of my interview, the news anchor leaned over and whispered, “You’re really good on camera”. I thought, “Oh yeah, I was just on statewide TV. Ha!” Truth is, in the thousands of times I’ve spoken to crowds, I can’t really recall any time I’ve had the proverbial “butterflies in the stomach”. Or maybe I did, but they were just flying in formation. Either way, it just always feels natural to me. And why? I suppose education, preparation and experience have something to do with it. And some gifting. I feel confident and calm when I get to inspire and enhance people’s lives.

What about you? What are you so good at that you could do “in your sleep”? What’s your default mode? Where do you shine? What energizes you and at the same time helps others?

What makes you feel so alive when you do it?

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