What’s It Worth? – Part 1 of 2

The sign in my neighborhood read “Special Estate Sale – Today”.

My curiosity aroused, I decided to stop by and see what kind of stuff they were selling. Roaming from room to room in the old house, I marveled at what some people will sell….and buy! Cheap trinkets, discarded toys, used clothes, eyeglasses, shoes, broken radios and paperbacks with frayed edges. Frantic bargain-hunters scurried around like mice in a cheese factory, looking for that “find”, that one unique discovery, that treasure hidden among “junk”. I secretly snickered at their silliness as I nonchalantly browsed my way through the old home.

But then, while wandering around in a back room, something caught my attention. It was the cover of an old Beatle’s album. Now anybody who knows me understands what a Beatle fanatic I am. It’s a sickness really. I’ve been to doctors, and there’s no cure. My older brothers exposed me to the Fab Four’s music, so you see, it’s really their fault. 

Anyway….it goes without saying that anytime I see a Beatle album, I stop and take a look. Upon closer examination, I discovered it wasn’t actually an album cover at all, but rather a thin box. Looking inside, I discovered an extensive photo book of the Beatles’ Let It Be recording sessions. However, what really sparked my interest was the title of the book – “Get Back” – which I (of course) knew to be the original title of what eventually became the Let It Be album. Just prior to release, they changed it from “Get Back” to the current title.



And that told me the book was unique.

Realizing I had found something relatively rare among rock memorabilia collectors, I snatched up the book and its cover-box, carefully looking around to make sure no one else was on to my rare find. After stealthily sneaking to the front room to pay for it, to my amazement, I discovered the item was priced at only $15. Writing a check as fast as possible, I quickly and quietly slipped out of the house, unnoticed by any other potential Lennon-McCartney enthusiasts. Arriving home within seconds, I called a fellow Fab Four friend in Nashville to tell him about my new purchase. By his reaction, I immediately sensed his excitement as he informed me I had officially stumbled upon the “Holy Grail” of Beatle memorabilia.

“What do you think it’s worth?”, I inquired.


…to be continued tomorrow in Part 2.

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