You’re So Hip


  Some people just have it. I mean they have “it.” That intangible aura of personality swag known as “cool.” For some, it’s just a look. Others it’s the fashion, or the way they talk or carry themselves. Still others manage to work their way into social circles of others who also have “it”, thus they attain cool status because of the company they keep.


There is no universally-recognized standard of what’s considered cool. And for that very reason, most of the wannabe owners of coolness spend most of their time trying (way too hard) to blend in to the perceived cool crowd. Like the other night, while at a local dive listening to a band, I observed a hundred or so 20-somethings, all self-proclaimed independent thinkers and rugged individualists – all dressed virtually the same…at least the guys, anyway. Lightweight hoodie covered in peacoat, topped with a carefully-placed hipster beanie hanging off the back of their uncombed heads.


At least they thought so. Admittedly, depending on what social culture you immerse yourself into, you may succeed or fail at earning your “cool badge”. Your behavior, moral choices, the way you talk, think, vote, not vote, or what music you listen to – all contribute to acceptance and being considered cool. And this standard seemingly fluctuates with the weather.

It’s really not that different in the church world. Again, depending on the particular church, denomination or Christian subculture you happen to be a part of, being “in” has a lot of contributing factors.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.45.38 AM    But maybe being cool, hip, “in” or having the “it factor” is a lot more like beauty – dwelling in the eye of the beholder. Instead of trying to please all of the people (or at least the important ones) some of the time, why not focus on the One who really matters? Could that ultimate coolness be found by embracing the fact that you’re already completely accepted by the God of the Universe and radically loved by Him? Could that elusive self-security automatically come from having been adopted into His forever family? Could the best cool experience simply be that you are on a lifetime road trip  of discovering who He made to become? If so, then perhaps just being yourself in Him is hip enough.

Stop trying so hard.

Try relaxing in the secure identity He gives.

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