Youth Events

Jeff can work with the already-chosen theme of the weekend and develop messages for it, or he will work closely with the event planner to find the best topic for the group based on one of his books or previous retreat themes.


Losers ClubBased on his successful book, Losers Club, Jeff helps students deal with doubt and failure in their walk with God. Through looking at Scripture’s strugglers, Jeff demonstrates how to overcome the crippling doubt and failure that paralyzes our spiritual progress and stunts our growth.

We usually think of Bible characters as dressed with their Sunday best—lookin’ good, smelling of accomplishment, and holding the posture of unshakeable faith. We marvel at these ‘flawless saints’ while thinking, ‘Wow! I’m not worthy!’ Hey, not so fast. Believe it or not, the most celebrated people in the Bible were plagued by doubt, bad decisions, and less than perfect reputations.

In a word, most were losers! And yet, God had plans that would take them beyond their humble, imperfect lives and dub them proud members of the ‘losers’ club.

Losers Club is a real-life look at famous Bible figures such as Moses, Solomon, David, Thomas, Rahab, and others. Each vignette reveals people who struggle with weak faith, confusion, and frustration—people very much like you and me! These stories will help you connect with these flawed heroes, find encouragement in their stories, and get inspired by God’s love and care for ‘losers.’

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From the moment I first talked to Jeff I knew he would be a home run with my students. He was more than a just a ‘youth communicator.’ He was an active participant in the planning and in the carrying out of our retreat. He engaged the students from the platform, but also interacted with them throughout the weekend. What more could you ask for?” ~ Jay Risner, Youth Pastor, Edmond, OK

Jeff relies on the Holy Spirit, using the Word of God to bring about changed lives. He doesn’t manipulate students, but instead shows them how to apply Scripture to their lives, and they love his teaching! He is funny, practical, deep and real, communicating from the overflow of his heart.” – Kyle Wall, Pastor, Virginia Beach, VA

Jeff is an absolute pro. He knows students. He knows the Scriptures, and he wants to see those two things come together in a dynamic way. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Darren Hull, Youth Pastor, Raleigh, NC

Jeff Kinley connected to our multi-ethnic group of students (many of whom are rough and unchurched) in a huge way! Many students came to a clear understanding of the gospel for the first time! Jeff also does a masterful job of making theology relevant to people of all ages! Weeks later students continue to talk about how his messages impacted them.” ~ Chuck Eastman – Youth Pastor, Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas