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What Pastors and Leaders say about Jeff Kinley.

“Jeff Kinley is a discerner of the times.” – Dr. Mark Hitchcock – Pastor, Prophecy Expert and Best Selling Author

“I consider Jeff one of my dear friends. He has an amazing ability to communicate on paper or in person.” ~ Bart Millard, MercyMe

“Jeff Kinley is a very gifted, inspired author and an effective speaker.  Our people immediately connected with Jeff and his messages. We loved him so much we asked him to come back in 6 months!”

 – Pastor Mike Mize, Hilltop Bible Fellowship,
Ashdown, Arkansas

“Jeff Kinley is fastinating author and speaker.  He has a unique talent to make plain the difficult in regards to Biblical prophecy.  His balanced approached to a subject that is often over sensationized is what is needed today.  Whether you read his books or hear him speak, he is someone who will help you get a clear overall grasp of what we can expect in the “last days.”  I highly recommend him for anyone who is looking for solid teaching on this subject.” – David Larson, Director, CruCity, Sioux Falls

“If you are picking a camp or retreat speaker and Jesus is booked, your next best pick would be Jeff Kinley.” ~ Paul Brand, Pastor, San Antonio, TX

“Jeff Kinley is one of the best communicators I have ever heard. His God-given ability to capture and hold an audience of teenagers while effectively communicating sound biblical truth is nothing less than amazing!” – Joel Owens, Family Pastor, Sugarland, TX

“From the moment I first talked to Jeff I knew he would be a home run with my students. He was more than a just a ‘youth communicator.’ He was an active participant in the planning and in the carrying out of our retreat. He engaged the students from the platform, but also interacted with them throughout the weekend. What more could you ask for?” ~ Jay Risner, Youth Pastor, Edmond, OK

“Jeff relies on the Holy Spirit, using the Word of God to bring about changed lives. He doesn’t manipulate students, but instead shows them how to apply Scripture to their lives, and they love his teaching! He is funny, practical, deep and real, communicating from the overflow of his heart.” – Kyle Wall, Pastor, Virginia Beach, VA “

Jeff is an absolute pro. He knows students. He knows the Scriptures, and he brings those two things come together in a dynamic way. You will not be disappointed.” ~ Darren Hull, Youth Pastor, Raleigh, NC