God's grand finale is a #1 new release

Released June 6th, God's Grand Finale has jumped straight to the top Christian releases in several categories. This goes to show just how hungry people are to hear the word of God and how His revelation will unfold in Earth's final days. We cannot thank you enough for showing your support and launching this latest work to the top of the book charts!

Watch Jeff share the big news in this latest Vintage Truth episode and pick up your copy today on Amazon or your favorite Christian book seller.

"tHE kING IS cOMING" tV program! 

Main Thing Ministries founder, Jeff Kinley, is the new official host and teacher for the TV program, The King is Coming! Watch Jeff share the big news and more details in the video below. You can now catch Jeff hosting and teaching on The King is Coming every Sunday on HisChannel + more!

"The King is Coming" is one of the most well-known Bible prophecy TV programs in the country. Formerly hosted by distinguished Dr. Ed Hindson, Dean Emeritus of the School of Divinity and Distinguished Professor of Religion at Liberty University; Bible believers tune in each week to discern the times from a solidly-Biblical perspective.

Vintage truth is now on Jack hibbs'
real life network 

Real Life Network brings you relevant life-changing Biblical Worldview programming that will motivate and educate people to intentionally live out their faith. You can now catch Jeff and many other faith teachers on Real Life Network!